For signaling and lighting towers and / or other materials, LEDs are now fundamental to Elmafe within the business sector. The use of LEDs is increasingly common and they present advantages, such as allowing significant power savings and easier installation when compared with the existing ones.

This lighting is used for safety purposes, signaling high-rise structures (towers or masts), also referred to as night signaling.

Some of the LED lighting advantages are:

– Energy efficiency, being the most efficient LED technology than any other type of electric lighting;

– Brightness, maintains constant light throughout their life regardless of the number of years of use;

– Maximum intensity LED lamps provide maximum light instantly.

– LED lamps do not waste energy by heat radiation like other lamps, allowing its use in complex sites, or places where energy consumption with equipment is high;

– Ecological, they are recyclable and do not contaminate the environment as with energy-saving fluorescent lamps and sodium containing mercury.