Life lines

Lifelines are a reference service within the range of options offered by Elmafe, defining itself as a collective safety system that prevents falls from heights and are characterized by the possibility to be used by more than one person simultaneously.

Elmafe carries both vertical and horizontal lifelines, fixed or temporary in which can be anchored the anti-fall protective equipment (automatic blocking to snap hooks, straps and ropes).

In vertical lifelines we provide fixed technical solutions in galvanized steel/stainless steel wire or the rail type in aluminum/stainless steel/galvanized.

 Certificado-de-Parceiro---XSPlatforms    Declaração-Soll_Elmafe_2016

When using fixed lifelines, the fact that there could possibly exist “work in suspension” will naturally imply that the best solution to adopt is always rail or pipeline, due to the fact that this equipment won’t deform.