Lightning rod

Of the wide variety of services offered by Elmafe, we can highlight the lightning rod as a key security feature used to protect against atmospheric discharges, being of the utmost importance to Human protection and to protect equipment.

This system is intended to “capture” the spokes and lead them to land without offering human risks and avoiding damage. The captor of lightning rod consists of a “tip” or pointed metal conductor which by its elevated location facilitates atmospheric electrical discharges.

Within the supply Elmafe provides in this area, we highlight the following types of lightning rods:

Lightning rod Franklin type

The sensor consists of one or more metal pointed rods, generally nickel plated, fixed to a base which is fastened to the metal conductor in which the end is grounded. Installing this type of protection with common captors is used in chimneys, towers and in areas that are not higher than the base of the protective cone.

Ionizing lightning rod

Ionizing lightning rods were created to meet the need to reduce the height of towers that were used to install the conventional Franklin type lightning rod, therefore reducing the costs and adding to the aesthetic design. This type of lightning rod offers the advantage of a wider area of protection.