Additional services


The construction is the activity in which they develop construction projects and rehabilitation of buildings.

In the area of construction, we include all tasks related to the exercise of planning functions, construction and maintenance works in various spaces: shelters, equipment locations along the towers, fences and boundaries of land.

ELMAFEs intervention in construction consists of making small jobs of recovery, renovation, expansion and construction of small buildings.


Civil locksmithing

The art of civil locksmithing

It consists in the construction, repair and assembly of metal structures, frames and other non-structural metal elements. The activity includes the handling of materials in iron, stainless steel or aluminum.

Metal structures

In the field of locksmithing, the metal structures are defined as the base structure, the “skeleton” of a given infrastructure. These systems offer many advantages such as the fast assembly, disassembly and easier transportation or enlargement if necessary, since the anchors are attached by screws.


INOX work

Regarding works involving stainless steel we repair and weld structures.

Stainless steel is defined as a combination of two chemical materials (iron and chromium). This material exhibits strength characteristics, durability and favorable efficiency for the user, namely:

Corrosion resistance and thermal shock;
Ease of cleaning due to the absence of roughness, avoiding the accumulation of bacteria;
Lightweight materials;
100% recyclable material


Low Voltage and High Voltage installations

ELMAFE provides installation of Electrical Low and High Voltage Lines, which is categorized as a specialized job.

  • Low Voltage Lines

Allow the power to transfer from the transformer stations to the low voltage consumption sites and comprise five conductors, one of which is intended for public lighting.

  • High Voltage Lines

Transport the electricity from producers to substations and are mainly airlines, constituted by metal supports and conductors suspended or supported by insulators.