Self-Supported Towers

The self-supporting towers built by Elmafe, reach the 60m or more in height and feature favorable costs to their customers. The construction, excavation, the cost of land and subsequent maintenance leads to a balanced investment solution due to unnecessary retention or even replacement of the stretch.

But beyond the elimination of spies and, consequently, the smallest land area of occupation, another great advantage to highlight the lattice self-supported towers is in high torsional stiffness. This is considered an important feature when using directed antennas, which impose an eccentricity loading due to wind side action.

The advantages defined for this type of service define the Self-Supported towers as the reference services of Elmafe and a rational investment and weighted for their clients.

Generally, the self-supporting towers are grouped into different types:

  • TYPE 1: metal self-supported tower lattice of triangular base, consisting, in general, by tubular metal sections, the links between the various sections made by means of bolted flanges and the diagonal bars and crossbars may be bolted or welded.
  • TYPE 2: monopole self-supporting, characterized by several profile sections metallic tubular cross-section, connected together by means of bolted flanges.
  • TYPE 3: Tower peek metal lattice of triangular base, a constant-section, generally constituted by metal sections of tubular section.