At ELMAFE we work together with our Clients in order to find the best solution and streamline the selection process within our range of offer – Self-Supporting Towers, Guyed Towers or Masts.


Self-Supporting Towers built by ELMAFE are designed and adjusted to the needs of the Client’s project. We provide a turnkey project solution, from the start of a massive formwork to the installation of an entire communications system. In addition to the elimination of guy wires and, as a result, the lower occupation of the ground space, another great advantage that we highlight in the Self-supported metal lattice towers is the high torsional rigidity.


Guyed Towers are one of the most relevant elements of ELMAFE’s portfolio, and are suitable solutions for various Telecommunications sectors needs and uses. They also assume a key role in the first phase of study at Wind Parks. The main advantages of Guyed Towers are the lower cost for the Client as well as their assembly time


Masts are within the typology of infrastructures provided by ELMAFE. This type of structure is more simplified and can mean a cost benefit because of its simplified characteristics. These are generally the recommended choice for Clients who need a structure with reduced height, to place only one equipment (for example, lighting, lightning rods, among others). This structure can also be adapted, if Client needs a larger structure. It is possible to carry out its stabilization through the placement of guy wires.